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About Us

Euston College is the leading course provider who offers you a combination of quality, value
and accreditation in learning experiences that no other e-learning platform can offer. Every single one of
Euston’s courses are endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme, meaning that the student can expect an Endorsed Certificate of Achievement from Quality Licence Scheme on completion of the courses from our wide range of categories.

Our Vision

When we established Euston College, we took a good hard look at the current state of online learning, and we were determined to stand out from the crowd.

To do this, we want to give YOU everything YOU need to succeed in your chosen field. Whether it is becoming an expert with using Microsoft Excel or honing your confidence as a Human Resource Manager, we want YOU to accomplish what you want with our specially tailored courses.

However and whenever you take these courses, we want to feel that we are right there with you as a trusted teacher, whether you have immediate questions or want to follow up with the next level of education on your career path.

When you have finished our courses and received your certificate, we want it to mean something. We want you to feel that your knowledge and abilities have dramatically improved and that you are confident in your abilities to use them. If you succeed in business, then business succeeds with you.

To provide all this with the best possible price is our ultimate goal.

You can’t talk about “Euston” without saying “You”!

Quality Licence Scheme Endorsement

Sometimes a student may worry that their certificates aren’t good enough to get them their dream job or verify their skills.

Our relationship with Quality Licence Scheme prevents this concern.

Quality Licence Scheme is the most respected brand of the Skills and Education Group Awards. With a history of providing high-quality standards and support to educational organisations, they have long-term experience and unbeatable knowledge in establishing top-quality benchmarks for learning courses.

Their endorsement with Euston means that students can be certain they are receiving the very best tools and content for learning their chosen skill.

This is a guaranteed promise.

Euston College is an authorised reselling partner of Euston College for courses endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme.

Why should you choose us?

We’re easy to work with

Flexibility and convenience is a big part of our core values at Euston College. It’s important to us that you can study from anywhere in the world, and that you do it at a time that suits you. If that means 2 am on a laptop, then so be it. It’s your course, and you can take it however you want. Time and circumstance should not be a barrier to your development, and with today’s technology, there is no excuse for it. If you have a link to the Internet, you have the key to our college, and you’ll learn at your own pace.

We’re always there for you

As with all courses and technology-based tasks, you may need a helping hand from time to time. Our Customer Service teams are always available for help and any questions. You’ll never be left hanging on a course, and we’re just a few button clicks away. You can even leave reviews and comments on your experience with us.

We know what we’re talking about

We have specialist teams and experts who are devoted to providing your education. They will break down even the most complex material into something that is easily digestible. This means that you’ll learn essential knowledge in a way that is engaging and interesting, and not just meaningless facts or statistics on a page. The endorsement from Quality Licence Scheme ensures that all our content is of maximum quality and effectiveness.

We give you value for money

We know that it’s an unforgiving world for students-of-all-ages, and we want to give you the best learning experiences for the best prices. So look out for specially-priced course-bundles, which will take you from beginner-to-expert in one easy purchase. Also, be aware of seasonal and surprise special offers for unbeatable value on single courses and other purchases. Good learning doesn’t have to cost the Earth.


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Euston College is the leading course provider who offers you a combination of quality, value and
accreditation in learning experiences that no other e-learning
platform can offer.

About Us

307 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AD
0208 124 6551

Angelas Tips
Angelas Tips
Just completed the Proofreading & Editing Course. It was very good. I am happy with the support they provided.
Daniel Brien
Daniel Brien
Thanks to Euston College for such a nice presentation. Recommended.
Andy Crossley
Andy Crossley
The Certified Digital Marketing Professional course was good and I enjoyed it.
Sardar Monsur Official
Sardar Monsur Official
A great platform to take online courses. Recommended!