Course Overview

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level and unleash your true potential for personal and professional growth? Introducing Microsoft Word, an engaging, transformative learning experience designed to empower individuals from all walks of life. Upgrading yourself and your skills is crucial in today’s fast-paced world, and in doing so, you will not only adapt to new challenges but also stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your career prospects, a student aiming to expand your knowledge, or an enthusiast pursuing a new passion, Microsoft Word is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics and is carefully crafted to ignite your passion, expand your horizons, and empower you with the skills you need to thrive in today’s ever-evolving world.

Our dynamic Microsoft Word course combines theoretical concepts with exercises, enabling you to gain valuable knowledge, enhance your resume, and gain a competitive edge. So what are you waiting for? Enrol today and let Microsoft Word be your guide towards personal and professional growth!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a recognised qualification in Mircosoft Word
  • Master the main functions and features of Microsoft Word for everyday writing tasks
  • Discover techniques, tips and advice for editing content in Microsoft Word
  • Familiarise with Words’ content editing, spell checking and proofreading tools
  • Learn step-by-step how to create and save Word documents
  • Be able to align and format your writing, controlling your paragraph layout
  • Work more efficiently by applying repetitive formatting and making repetitive edits
  • Discover tips and tricks on how to format a list, add tables and insert graphic objects
  • Control the appearance of your page by adding footers, headers and watermarks
  • Utilise Word’s research tools and know how to check accessibility and readability

Who is this Course for?

This Microsoft Word training course is suitable for beginners who want to improve their proficiency in managing simple writing tasks and gain the necessary skills to utilise this leading word processing software efficiently. There are no specific entry requirements for this course, which can be studied on a part-time or full-time basis.


Our Microsoft Word For Beginners is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using Windows computer, Mac, smartphones or tablets, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time without any kind of limitation.

Career path

An internally-recognised qualification in Microsoft Word will boost learners’ career prospects when it comes to pursuing office-based roles. It will help learners gain confidence in managing everyday writing tasks, and improve their general efficiency in the workplace.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started with Word
Navigate in Microsoft Word 00:12:00
Create and Save Word Documents 00:24:00
Manage Your Workspace 00:06:00
Edit Documents 00:16:00
Preview and Print Documents 00:04:00
Customize the Word Environment 00:08:00
Formatting Text and Paragraphs
Apply Character Formatting 00:17:00
Control Paragraph Layout 00:19:00
Align Text Using Tabs 00:07:00
Display Text in Bulleted or Numbered Lists 00:03:00
Apply Borders and Shading 00:04:00
Working More Efficiently
Make Repetitive Edits 00:06:00
Apply Repetitive Formatting 00:10:00
Use Styles to Streamline Repetitive Formatting Tasks 00:14:00
Managing Lists
Sort a List 00:05:00
Format a List 00:06:00
Adding Tables
Insert a Table 00:07:00
Modify a Table 00:06:00
Format a Table 00:03:00
Convert Text to a Table 00:04:00
Inserting Graphic Objects
Insert Symbols and Special Characters 00:04:00
Add Images to a Document 00:11:00
Controlling Page Appearance
Apply a Page Border and Color 00:03:00
Add Headers and Footers 00:06:00
Control Page Layout 00:05:00
Add a Watermark 00:04:00
Preparing to Publish a Document
Check Spelling Grammar and Readability 00:07:00
Use Research Tools 00:06:00
Check Accessibility 00:03:00
Save a Document to Other Formats 00:04:00