The “Nail Technician & Business Management Skills” course is all about teaching you two main things. First, you’ll learn everything about taking care of nails – from making them look pretty to keeping them healthy. Second, you’ll also learn how to run a business, especially if you’re thinking about opening a nail salon or a beauty shop.

In the nail care part, we’ll show you different ways to style nails, which tools to use, and how to keep everything safe and clean. On the business side, we’ll teach you how to start your own shop, manage it well, and keep your customers happy.

With so many people interested in beauty and fashion, knowing both nail care and business can be a great way to stand out and succeed in the beauty world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn all about how to take care of nails.
  • Get to know the tools used for nail care.
  • Find out how to be safe when treating nails.
  • Learn the basics of running a business.
  • Understand how to keep customers happy in a beauty business.
  • Discover how to start and run a successful beauty salon.
  • Stay updated with what’s popular in nail care and business.

Who is this Course for?

  • Individuals passionate about nail care looking to start their own venture.
  • Salon owners seeking to refine their business strategies.
  • Beauty enthusiasts aiming to gain a professional edge.
  • Aspiring managers in the beauty sector.
  • Anyone aiming to merge creativity with business in the beauty industry.


Once you finish the course, you have the option to get a certificate to show your success. The PDF version costs just £3.99, while a printed one is £7.99. If you’d like both, it’s £10. For students outside the UK, there’s an extra £10 for delivery.


  • This course is available to all learners of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the course.
  • A strong grasp of English, numeracy, and ICT is necessary for enrollment in this course.

Career path

  • Nail Technician in established salons
  • Salon Manager
  • Nail Salon Entrepreneur
  • Beauty Industry Business Consultant
  • Customer Relationship Manager in the Beauty Sector
  • Nail Care Product Developer

Course Curriculum

Nail Technician & Business Management Skills
Module 1: Nail Technician 101 00:43:00
Module 2: General Anatomy 00:32:00
Module 3: Skin Structure, Growth, And Nutrition 00:27:00
Module 4: Anatomy Of Nail 00:44:00
Module 5: Equipment For The Technician 00:35:00
Module 6: Tools And Techniques 00:30:00
Module 7: Basics Of Chemistry And Chemicals 00:27:00
Module 8: Nail Product Chemistry 00:35:00
Module 9: Manicure 00:43:00
Module 10: Pedicure 00:46:00
Module 11: Nail Diseases And Skin Problems 00:32:00
Module 12: Artificial Nails 00:40:00
Module 13: Nail Art 00:42:00
Module 14: Safety Practices 00:28:00
Module 15: Career Prospect And Business Preparations 00:31:00
Module 16: UK Legislations And Pandemic Implications 00:27:00