Supervisors require a whole range of skills to ensure that staff are working at a productive level that ensures that shared organisational goals will be met. Regardless of industry and sector, they must be able to provide direction and understand the professional needs of individuals and teams. The Supervisory Skills Level 2 course is designed to equip professionals who are new to supervising, with the core skills to develop their career.

Through case studies and practical exercises, you learn about the delegation process, how to provide constructive feedback for your staff, strategies for conflict resolution and much more. Gain the skills and confidence to get the most out of your workforce and learn how to set expectations for your team by inspiring a shared vision.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Take your career as a supervisor to the next level and learn how to lead teams and individuals more effectively
  • Learn how to set expectations, monitor individual progress and assign work
  • Understand the different degrees and levels of delegation, from assessing to creating an action plan
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the process for implementing delegation
  • Know how to provide quality feedback that is constructive and neutral
  • Manage your time more efficiently and develop essential organisational skills
  • Familiarise with a range of conflict resolution strategies and tools
  • Understand how to set individual and shared goals for improved organisational performance
  • Gain the skills and confidence to get the most out of your workforce

Who is This course for?

This level 2 course is ideal for professionals who are not yet in a supervisory role or are new to the role and wish to develop their skills and knowledge. There are no specific entry requirements for enrolment. Students may study the course on a full-time or part-time basis.


Our Supervisory Skills Level 2 is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using Windows computer, Mac, smartphones or tablets, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time without any kind of limitation.

Assessment and Certification 

Upon completion of the course, you will be required to sit for an online multiple-choice quiz based assessment, which will determine whether you have passed the course (60% pass mark). The test will be marked immediately and results will be published instantly.

After completing the course, you can order a certificate of achievement to display your achievement for as little as £3.99 for the PDF version and £7.99 for a paper version or £10 for both. There is an additional £10 delivery charge for international students.

Career Path

On successful completion of the course, learners will have the practical skills, knowledge and confidence to monitor staff effectively and ensure a productive working environment for all. Related professions in this field include:

  • Supervisor
  • Project Manager/Coordinator
  • Line Manager
  • Team Leader

Course Curriculum

Getting Started 00:01:00
Setting Expectations
Setting Expectations 00:03:00
Setting Expectations Case Study 00:01:00
Assigning Work
Assigning Work 00:04:00
Assigning Work Case Study 00:01:00
Degrees of Delegation
Degrees of Delegation 00:03:00
Degrees of Delegation Case Study 00:01:00
Implementing Delegation
Implementing Delegation 00:07:00
Implementing Delegation Case Study 00:01:00
Providing Feedback
Providing Feedback 00:05:00
Providing Feedback Case Study 00:01:00
Managing Your Time
Managing Your Time 00:05:00
Managing Your Time Case Study 00:01:00
Resolving Conflict
Resolving Conflict 00:04:00
Resolving Conflict Case Study 00:01:00
Tips for Special Situations
Tips for Special Situations 00:05:00
Tips for Special Situations Case Study 00:01:00
A Survival Guide for the New Supervisor
A Survival Guide For The New Supervisor 00:03:00
A Survival Guide For The New Supervisor Case Study 00:01:00
Wrapping Up
Wrapping Up 00:01:00