Dive into the world of Charity Accounting with our easy-to-follow course. We take you step by step through the important parts of managing money for charities. You’ll learn how charities handle their funds, follow the rules, and report their finances.
Our course covers the basics and the special rules just for charities. Plus, we’ve included a module that looks at the unique challenges charities faced during the Covid situation. This ensures you’re ready for today’s challenges.
So, whether you’re starting out in charity work, want to manage a charity’s money, or simply curious about how charities handle their finances, this course has got you covered. By the end, you’ll know all about charity funds, reports, taxes, and more!

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the principles and regulations governing charity accounting practices.
  • Learn to accurately record and manage financial transactions specific to charitable organizations.
  • Gain proficiency in preparing financial statements and reports tailored for charity entities.
  • Develop skills to assess the financial health of a charity and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Acquire knowledge of best practices in budgeting, fundraising, and financial decision-making within the context of charitable organizations.


Upon completion of the course, you will be required to sit for an online multiple-choice quiz-based assessment, which will determine whether you have passed the course (60% pass mark). The test will be marked immediately, and results will be published instantly.
After completing the course, you can order a certificate of achievement to display your achievement for as little as £3.99 for the PDF version and £7.99 for the paper version or £10 for both. There is an additional £10 delivery charge for international students.

Who is This course for?

  • Individuals looking to transition into the charity sector with a focus on finance.
  • Trustees or board members of charitable organisations wishing to bolster their financial literacy.
  • Accounting graduates eager to specialise in the charity finance niche.
  • Financial consultants and advisors aim to extend their service offerings to charitable organisations.
  • Enthusiasts keen on understanding the financial workings of the charity sector.


  • This course is available to all learners of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be 16 or over to undertake the course.
  • A strong grasp of English, numeracy, and ICT is necessary for enrollment in this course.

Career Path: 

  • Charity Finance Manager: £35,000 – £50,000
  • Charity Fund Accountant: £30,000 – £45,000
  • Charity Financial Consultant: £40,000 – £55,000
  • Trustee Finance Advisor: £32,000 – £47,000
  • Non-profit Tax Advisor: £38,000 – £52,000
  • Charity Reporting Specialist: £33,000 – £48,000

Course Curriculum

Module 01: The Concept of Charity Accounting
The Concept of Charity Accounting 00:23:00
Module 02: Accounting Standards, Policies, Concepts and Principles
Accounting Standards, Policies, Concepts and Principles 00:25:00
Module 03: Fund Accounting
Fund Accounting 00:23:00
Module 04: Charity Reporting and Accounts
Charity Reporting and Accounts 00:25:00
Module 05: Trustees’ Annual Report
Trustees’ Annual Report 00:26:00
Module 06: Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet 00:25:00
Structure of the Balance Sheet (PDF) 00:05:00
Demo Balance Sheet [Excel File] 00:00:00
Module 07: Statement of Financial Activities
Statement of Financial Activities 00:24:00
Statement of Financial Activities [Excel File] 00:00:00
Demo Statement of Financial Activities [PDF] 00:05:00
Module 08: Understanding the Income Streams and Expenditure of Charity
Understanding the Income Streams and Expenditure of Charity 00:21:00
Module 09: Statement of Cash Flows
Statement of Cash Flows 00:21:00
Template for Statement of Cash Flows [PDF] 00:00:00
Template for Statement of Cash Flows [Excel File] 00:00:00
Module 10: Taxation for Charities and External Scrutiny
Taxation for Charities and External Scrutiny 00:20:00
Module 11: Things to Look Out for in Post Covid Situation
Things to Look Out for in Post Covid Situation 00:19:00