There are many ways that disabilities can affect the ability to perform effectively on the job. Levels of disability and ability are unique to an individual. Most accommodations are simple, creative alternatives for traditional way of doing things. This Level 2 Certificate in Disability Awareness includes examples and suggestions for career development staff and employers. This workshop will give supervisors, managers, and human resource consultant tools, and tips for creating a diverse workplace.

You will also learn to prepare to welcome people with disabilities into your workplace, how to interact with them and much more related to working with people with disabilities.


Course Curriculum

Course Overview (Team management certificate course in Workplace) 00:15:00
Defining Teams 00:15:00
Establishing Team Norms 00:15:00
Working as a Team 00:15:00
Your Team Player Type 01:00:00
Building Team Trust 00:15:00
The Stages of Team Development 00:30:00
Communication 00:30:00
Becoming a Good Team Player 00:15:00
Mock Exam
Final Exam