Boost your knowledge level by purchasing special bundles of verified ABC Award courses, which includes ALL learning levels (3, 4, and 5), and the recognised certificate from ABC that you’ll earn on completion. You’ll save pounds by purchasing packages from our e-learning range for just £129, instead of the usual price of £1699. You will also earn the right to enrol in a further 5 CPD courses that will add even more to your skill set for no extra payment!  There are no hidden fees or costs, just this incredible learning opportunity.   

Package includes:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3
  • Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 4
  • Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 5
  • ABC awards endorsed certification for Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3, 4 and 5

5 Additional CPD Courses:

  1. Sales Techniques
  2. Sales Scripts – Increase Your Conversion Rate
  3. Marketing Techniques for Small Business
  4. Goals Setting & Time Management Skills
  5. Effective Communication Skills

Would you like to be responsible for making a new or existing brand into a major household name? As the leading executive of a digital marketing campaign, that is what you would achieve by fulfilling that role.  Whether you are already working in the marketing industry or not, this is something that we can help you with. We’ve compacted all of the knowledge from levels 3, 4, and 5 of our Certified Digital Marketing Executive course in one easy-to-take learning experience which can help guide you to the top positions in the still-expanding industry of online marketing.            

Consumers and clients are often attracted to a brand by its presence online. The way that company will then interact with its target audience can also make a huge difference in sales and reputation. In order to read the market and produce a successful campaign, a manager or executive will need to have a keen set of analytical skills and common sense knowledge to react to the public, as well as making the most of technological advances. If you think that this is a role made for you, we can help you take a significant step towards realising that ambition. This Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3, 4 and 5 combined course can be your pathway to your dream job and provide a major step upwards on the career ladder. It is fully endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme – a regulated organisation that ensures professional and reputable certification which will give you validation and credibility when applying for a managerial role in this competitive industry.              

By taking this course, you’ll be shown the best way to launch a major advertising campaign online, utilising all the tools and methods that are available across the Worldwide Web. Along with recommended strategies and demographics advice, you’ll be given real-world examples of good digital marketing. The art of constructing an attractive website is covered comprehensively, as well the clever use of email marketing and targeting the desired audience. The course comprehensively examines the huge advantage of incorporating social media into digital marketing, including the “heavy-hitters” like Facebook and Twitter. Marketing tips for using other sites like LinkedIn and Pinterest are explored, as well as the possibility of distributing live video streams and professional adverts across YouTube and other sponsored sites. The use of Google Analytics and other online tools are covered in their entirety, with a complete view of using every avenue possible to promote your brand.      

The course is primarily aimed at those already working in a digital marketing environment and wanting to reach a senior role in the industry. However, the specially designed learning curve may also be appropriate for relative newcomers and ambitious professionals in a similar business.  


Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3

The Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3 course provides a refresher or introduction to the basics of online marketing.         

Some of the key topics you will learn in this course are:

  • Planning and funding an effective online marketing strategy
  • Realising and promoting a brand online
  • The best examples of digital marketing recently used
  • Releasing images and photos to promote a brand
  • Using email marketing and avoiding spam classification
  • The use of copywriting and blogging to advertise
  • Using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to maximize circulation  
  • How YouTube can help your branding 
  • Producing a viral video that will sell a product or service 
  • Using communication links to contact your audience

This is a course that will reaffirm the fundamental concepts of online advertising, and also allow you to expand your knowledge base.             

Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 4

The Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 4 course delves into the different online tools and platforms that will aid your marketing.             

Some of the key topics you will learn in this course are:

  • The best way to link a Facebook page to an advertising campaign
  • Ensuring that you can reach the maximum audience on Facebook
  • How to respond to questions using Facebook and its apps 
  • Monitoring the progress of your campaign on Facebook
  • How to gain a useful localised audience on social media
  • Making use of Google and its apps to reach more users
  • Using multiple accounts on Twitter to fuel interest
  • The use of hashtags to get people talking about a brand
  • How Instagram is now used in advertising
  • Making a brand go viral on any given media platform 

This course is aimed at those who are skilled at marketing and want to learn more to reach a senior level in the industry.           

Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 5

The Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 5 course examines the remaining strategies for successful online advertising.             

Some of the key topics you will learn in this course are:

  • How Pinterest can be used to influence opinion
  • The other uses Pinterest can be put to
  • Setting up an engaging company page on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn to connect with other platforms in a campaign
  • Setting up a LinkedIn text campaign 
  • Making sure that your website and social media accounts link logically
  • Making use of Periscope and other streaming apps
  • The creative use of video streaming in advertising 
  • Creating a podcast that will jump out to a target audience
  • Using Google-related apps in online marketing 

This course is designed for individuals ready to take on the mantle of an executive and drive online marketing campaigns from the top.            

Who is This Course for?

This Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3,  4, and 5 combined course is primarily aimed at individuals working in marketing, and have aspirations to become a senior executive in this industry. However, the learning curve may also be of benefit to those lower down in the career ladder, or entrepreneurs starting their own business. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a valid certificate marking this achievement. The course is complete with individual modules that can be taken at your convenience and absolutely support long-distance learning.   

Assessment and Certification 

Quality Licence Scheme Certificate for Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3, 4 and 5

To make the evaluation process much more convenient for you, we’ve added the feature of automatic assessment. After you finish each module, you’ll participate in an online MCQ test. Each test will be marked instantly, and you’ll receive the result immediately as well. The passing score on each test is 60%.

After successfully passing all the exams, you will be eligible to claim a professional certificate endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme without any cost. Your certificate will be issued by Quality Licence Scheme – a regulated organisation that makes you stand out in the global marketplace.

Certificate of achievement for additional courses

After completing each of the additional courses, you can order a certificate of achievement to display your achievement for as little as £3.99 for the PDF version and £7.99 for a paper version or £10 for both. There is an additional £10 delivery charge for international students.

Career Path

This Certified Digital Marketing Executive Level 3, 4 and 5 combined course will help you affirm your skills and give you the ability to apply for a senior role in marketing. This will be suitable for those who are looking to work in the role of; 

  • Entrepreneur 
  • Analytics Manager 
  • Search Marketing Manager
  • SEO Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Executive
  • Digital Marketing Executive

Course Curriculum

Digital Marketing Level 3
Module 01: Introduction Digital Marketing & Target Audience
Digital Marketing 00:02:00
Digital Marketing Strategy in 10 Minutes 00:09:00
Define Your Business & Target Audience
Define your Purpose 00:04:00
Positioning Your Brand 00:04:00
Case Studies 00:05:00
Unique Selling Proposition 00:06:00
Personality 00:02:00
Case Study – Personality 00:07:00
Find Your Audience 00:05:00
Validate Your Business 00:09:00
Module 02: Brand Identity, Websites & Email Marketing
Brand Identity
Intro Brand Identity 00:02:00
Case Study – 3 Company Styles 00:05:00
Free Branding Tools 00:08:00
Learn Canva in 10 Minutes 00:11:00
Learn Photoshop in 30 Minutes 00:26:00
Intro to Websites 00:04:00
Choose a Domain Name 00:05:00
Intro to WordPress Lessons 00:01:00
Email Marketing
Easy Email Marketing Funnel 00:07:00
Email Marketing Tools 00:04:00
Lead Magnets 00:07:00
Where to put opt-in forms 00:06:00
Segmenting and Tagging Your Subscribers 00:05:00
Email Sequences 00:13:00
Better Email Subject Lines 00:04:00
Using Analytics to Improve Emails 00:07:00
Case Study – 100 Subscribers in Less Then 1 Week 00:06:00
Module 03: Copywriting, Blogging & SEO
Copywriting, Blogging & SEO
Copywriting Basics 00:02:00
A.I.D.A 00:06:00
Case Study of a Sales Page 00:08:00
10 Commandments of Copywriting 00:07:00
Write Better Headlines 00:05:00
Write Quality Articles 00:06:00
Optimize Your Website SEO 5 minutes agoMore 00:05:00
Module 04: YouTube & Video Marketing
Intro to YouTube 00:07:00
Case Study – YouTube Sales Funnel 00:05:00
YouTube SEO – Watch Time vs. Views 00:04:00
Keyword Research for YouTube Videos 00:06:00
Start Your New Channel 00:03:00
Channel Art and Icon 00:07:00
Channel Description 00:03:00
Customize Your Channel Design 00:04:00
Add a Channel Trailer 00:02:00
YouTube Channel Settings and Verification 00:07:00
Upload Defaults, Featured Content, and Channel Branding 00:06:00
Uploading Videos + Titles, Tages, Description 00:12:00
Cards and End Screens 00:08:00
Use YouTube Analytics to Grow Your Channel 00:06:00
Quickly Respond to Fans with the Community Tab 00:02:00
Live Streaming with YouTube Live 00:04:00
Free Music on YouTube Live 00:03:00
Create a YouTube Ad. 00:05:00
Spy on Competition with Social Blade 00:04:00
Video Marketing
Intro to Video 00:04:00
Video Equipment for Beginners 00:08:00
Tools to Make Your Videos More Pro 00:04:00
Structure a Video that Sells 00:04:00
Intro to Video Production Bootcamp 00:01:00
Intro to FB Groups 00:02:00
Create Your Group – Walk Through 00:11:00
Tips for a More Engaged Facebook Group 00:08:00
Scheduling Posts, Live Video, and More 00:04:00
Digital Marketing Level 4
Module 05: Social Media Marketing (Facebook Groups & Pages)
Facebook Groups (Social Media Marketing)
Why Facebook Pages are Important for your Business 00:01:00
Creating a Stunning Facebook page for your business 00:01:00
Adding Essential Information to your Facebook Page 00:09:00
Selecting your Profile Image 00:11:00
Creating Professional Facebook Cover Image for your Pages 00:05:00
Creating a captivating Facebook Page Description using the ads. 00:12:00
Getting your Facebook Page Username 00:03:00
Facebook Page Apps to increase fans engagement 00:08:00
Top 9 Ways to Monetize your Facebook Page 00:12:00
Exploring Publishing tools 00:10:00
Scheduling Facebook posts 00:05:00
Follow Your Competitors on Facebook 00:11:00
How to guarantee your fans see all your posts 00:10:00
Facebook Insights 00:12:00
Four Unlilited sources of royalty free image 00:12:00
Promoting your Facebook Page 00:11:00
Turn any image a clickable Facebook Post 00:05:00
Assignment – Create a Facebook page 00:03:00
Facebook Pages (Social Media Marketing)
Introduction to Facebook Ads 00:01:00
Introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager 00:06:00
setting up your facebook payment account 00:02:00
Defining your Facebook Target Audience 00:12:00
Level 1 – Creating the Ad 00:05:00
Level 1 – Boosting your Post 00:09:00
Level 2 – Creating your Ad in the Ads Manager 00:11:00
Tips to have your ad approved by facebook 00:03:00
Analyzing Results 00:11:00
Assignment Create a Facebook Ad 00:01:00
Module 06: Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads & Local Business)
Facebook Ads (Social Media Marketing)
The Importance of Facebook Retargetting 00:05:00
Creating a facebook pixel 00:05:00
installing the pixel in wordpress 00:05:00
E-book: Yoga Practitioner Diploma 00:15:00
Creating your first audence with THE Pixel 00:04:00
Facebook pixel advanced audience creation 00:14:00
Creating your optimized FB Ad with the Pixel 00:11:00
Assignment – Installing the facebook Pixel in your web 00:01:00
Facebook For Local Business (Social Media Marketing)
How Facebook Ads can Help you have a local business 00:06:00
The Plan For Your Local Business 00:08:00
Reaching people around your Business 00:10:00
Creating Your Local Business ad 00:10:00
Assignment Local Business 00:02:00
Module 07: Google Adwords
Google Adwords
Google Adwords for your Business 00:02:00
How Adwords Works 00:03:00
Setting up your Adwords Account 00:07:00
Example of Ads that we are creating 00:04:00
Exploring the Adwords Interface 00:05:00
Discovering the best keywords 00:11:00
Creating a Google Adwords Search Campaign 00:06:00
Choosing your Vid setting for Google Adwords 00:04:00
Creating an Ad group and Adding Keywords 00:04:00
Finalizing your Google Ad 00:06:00
Managing your Google Ads Campaigns and Analytics 00:10:00
Creating a YouTube Ad with Google Adwords 00:01:00
Assignment Google Adwords 00:01:00
Module 08: Social Media Marketing (Twitter & Instagram)
Twitter (Social Media Marketing)
The Way Twitter Can Help Your Business Growth 00:02:00
Choosing the best username or twitter handle 00:06:00
4 tips to choose your twitter handle 00:02:00
Creating a Twitter account 00:05:00
Creating an Outstanding Twitter profile page 00:04:00
Adding your Profile and Header Photo 00:10:00
Writing an optimized bio 00:11:00
Pin the most important tweet for your bio 00:06:00
Connecting with other influencers 00:06:00
Twitter hashtags 00:06:00
Growing your Twitter presence with Jooicer 00:09:00
Add Twitter Buttons to your Website 00:10:00
Add Twitter widgets to your website 00:07:00
Twitter Ads – Creating Your Ads Account and Campaign 00:10:00
Twitter Ads – Adding your Payment Method 00:01:00
Twitter Ads – Creating other Twitter ads 00:02:00
Twitter Ads – Promoting a Tweet 00:02:00
Assignment Twitter 1 day agoMore 00:02:00
Instagram (Social Media Marketing)
Instagram for Business: Defining The Strategy 00:04:00
Create an Instragram for Business profile 00:04:00
Building a Killer Instragram Profile 00:03:00
2 Building a Killer Instagram profile 00:04:00
3 Building a Killer Instagram Profile 00:05:00
4 Building a Killer Instagram Profile 00:02:00
Accessing the Ads Manager 00:03:00
Creating your First Instagram Ad 00:04:00
Creating you Instagram Ad inside the App 00:08:00
Important Tips to have a successful Ad on Instagram As inside the App 00:05:00
Mistake 1 00:02:00
Mistake 2 00:01:00
Mistake 3 00:02:00
Mistake 4 00:01:00
Mistake 5 00:01:00
Mistake 6 00:01:00
Tools to create instagram photos 00:04:00
Creating Viral Instagram Photos 00:13:00
Adding Your Logo or Website to your Instagram Post 00:05:00
Instagram Live and Instagram Stories 00:04:00
Assignment – Instagram Ads 00:01:00
Digital Marketing Level 5
Module 09: Social Media Marketing (Pinterest, LinkedIn & Periscope)
Pinterest (Social Media Marketing)
Why Printerest and how it can your business grow 00:03:00
Opening a Printerest Business Account 00:05:00
Linking Pinterest with your Website and getting a Verifed account 00:05:00
Linking Pinterest with other Social Media platforms 00:02:00
Optimizing your Pinterest Profile 00:09:00
Creating Boards 00:09:00
Using Secreat Boards 00:03:00
The Powerful Pinterest notification 00:01:00
Adding pinterest chorme extension 00:03:00
Adding Pinterest to your Website 00:14:00
Pinterest Ads – Getting started 00:03:00
Pinterest Ads Panel Overview 00:03:00
Creating a Pinterest Ad 00:13:00
Creating Pinterest Ads Fast 00:03:00
Assignment Pinterest 00:01:00
LinkedIn (Social Media Marketing)
Welcome to Linkdin Marketing 00:02:00
Setting up to LinkedIn account 00:06:00
Adding Experience, Skills, Accomplishedment to your LinkedIn 00:03:00
Adding a professional Background photo 00:04:00
Adding media to your linkedIn URL 00:06:00
Changing your LinkedIn URL 00:04:00
Adding your Website to LinkedIn 00:06:00
Creating Shareable content on LinkedIn 00:04:00
linkedIn Company Pages Examples 00:06:00
Creating a LinkedIn Company Page 00:02:00
Managing your LinkedIn Company Page 00:07:00
Getting 50 dollar in LinkedIn Ads Credits 00:03:00
LinkedIn Ads Introduction 00:03:00
Creating a linkedIn Sponsored Content Ad. 00:12:00
Waiting for LinkedIn Ad approval 00:01:00
Creating a LinkedIn Text Ads Campaign 00:07:00
Creating a LinkedIn Sponsored In Mail Campaign 00:09:00
Quick view at the LinkedIn Campaign Manager 00:03:00
Assignment LinkedIn 00:02:00
Periscope (Social Media Marketing)
What is Periscope 00:01:00
Optional Equipment 00:05:00
Assignment Periscope 20 hours agoMore 00:01:00
Module 10: Social Media Live Streaming
Social Media Live Streaming
Basic Eqipment for Social Media Streaming 00:09:00
Planning an irresistible Live Streaming Session 00:10:00
Facebook Live Basics 00:05:00
Facebook Live Session from your Smartphone 00:07:00
Sharing our Facebook Live Sessions 00:03:00
3 ways to Reuse your Facebook Live Sessions 00:00:00
YouTube Live Basics 00:02:00
Final Exam – Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma 00:20:00
Mock Exam – Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma 00:20:00
Periscope Live 00:03:00
Introduction to OBS Broadcaster Software 00:03:00
Setting up your OBS Software 00:11:00
Using OBS Studio Mode 00:05:00
Facebook Live Streaming with OBS 00:12:00
YouTube Live Streaming with OBS 00:07:00
Simultaneous Streaming to Facebook, YouTube and Periscope 00:16:00
Other awesome software for Live Streaming 00:08:00
Assignment Social Media Live Streaming 00:03:00
Module 11: Podcasting, Quora & Google Analytics
Podcasting Intro 00:02:00
Podcasting Tools 00:07:00
Hosting Your Podcat with Libsyn 00:08:00
Submitting Podcast to iTunes 00:02:00
Validate Your Podcast Work 00:01:00
Quora Basics 00:03:00
Finding, Answering and Optimizing Your Quora Answers 00:03:00
Google Analytics
Setting Up Google Analytics 00:06:00
Navigating the Google Analytics Dashboard 00:07:00
Know Your Audience with Analytics 00:06:00
User Acquisition and Behavior Flow 00:13:00
See Where Visitors Click with Page Analytics 00:05:00
User Behavior and Site Speed 00:04:00
Setting Up Goals 00:03:00
Module 12: Google Plus (Social Media Marketing)
Google Plus (Social Media Marketing)
Welcome to Google plus 00:01:00
Whats the difference between Google Pages and Profile 00:04:00
Adding your Profile and Cover image 00:04:00
Adding your Contact info 00:05:00
Adding links to your Website and Socal Media 00:02:00
Adding your Story 00:04:00
Previewing the page 00:05:00
Conclusion 00:02:00