Child fostering is a world filled with heartwarming stories, challenges, and profound impacts. If you’ve ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes, our “Child Fostering Online Course” is your gateway to understanding it all. We kick off by journeying back in time, exploring the roots and origins of fostering. How did it begin? Why is it so important?

From there, we’ll delve into the rules and guidelines set in the UK, painting a clear picture of how the system operates today. But it’s not just about rules; it’s about the people at its heart. We’ll discuss the emotions, the ups and downs foster parents often experience, and the many ways in which children find solace and safety in various foster homes.

Then, we’ll navigate the trickier paths, addressing the challenges some foster children go through, from emotional hurdles to past traumas. How can we, as a community, lend a hand? And how can foster parents be the beacon of hope for these young souls? We also shed light on the robust support systems in place, ensuring every child and carer has the backup they need. Dive in, and by the end, you’ll not only have a comprehensive understanding of fostering but also a deep appreciation for the resilient network that upholds it.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the evolution and significance of child fostering, along with its historical context.
  • Gain knowledge of UK child fostering laws and the regulations that govern them.
  • Identify and address challenges commonly encountered by foster parents.
  • Recognise various forms of foster care and their unique attributes.
  • Analyse the psychological impact on fostered children and the support systems available.

Who is This Course for?

  • Aspiring individuals looking to step into the fostering world.
  • Current foster parents seeking to deepen their understanding and proficiency.
  • Social workers aim to serve foster families and children better.
  • Policymakers desire to improve or reform the current fostering system.
  • Childcare advocates are keen on understanding the nuances of child fostering.


Once you finish the course, you have the option to get a certificate to show your success. The PDF version costs just £3.99, while a printed one is £7.99. If you’d like both, it’s £10. For students outside the UK, there’s an extra £10 for delivery.


  • This course is available to all learners of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the course.
  • A strong grasp of English, numeracy, and ICT is necessary for enrollment in this course.

Career Path 

  • Foster Parent: £20,000 – £25,000 (includes allowances)
  • Social Worker (Childcare): £30,000 – £40,000
  • Child Welfare Specialist: £35,000 – £45,000
  • Childcare Policy Developer: £40,000 – £55,000
  • Fostering Service Manager: £45,000 – £60,000
  • Foster Care Recruiter: £28,000 – £38,000

Course Curriculum

Child Fostering
Module 1: Child Fostering and Its History 00:05:00
Module 2: Child Fostering Laws in UK 00:20:00
Module 3: Challenges Faced by Foster Parents 00:10:00
Module 4: How to Become a Foster Parent 00:10:00
Module 5: Types of Foster Care 00:00:00
Module 6: Psychological Trauma in Foster Child 00:10:00
Module 7: Foster Family Support System 00:10:00
Module 8: Benefits for Foster Child Carer 00:05:00
Module 9: Outcomes for Children and Young People in Foster Care 00:45:00
Module 10: Children Sexually Exploitation in Foster Care (CSE) 00:15:00
Module 11: Impact of the Funding Cuts on Foster Care 00:10:00
Module 12: Recruiting, Retaining and Supporting the Foster Care Workforce 00:20:00