Welcome to the captivating universe of “Advanced Child Psychology“. Ever pondered the wonders of a child’s mind? Our course unravels these mysteries. We’ll guide you through the way children perceive the world, their feelings, and how they express themselves. Furthermore, it provides insights into the hurdles some children encounter and how their family, school, and surroundings play a role in their development. Whether you’re an eager parent, an educator, or merely intrigued by the youthful psyche, this course is your key to a deeper understanding.

Learning Outcome:

  1. Understand and apply theories of child development.
  2. Evaluate factors influencing child development.
  3. Analyze and interpret child behavior.
  4. Discuss ethical considerations in child psychology research and practice.
  5. Develop evidence-based interventions and strategies for child development and mental health.


Upon completion of the course, you will be required to sit for an online multiple-choice quiz-based assessment, which will determine whether you have passed the course (60% pass mark). The test will be marked immediately, and results will be published instantly.

After completing the course, you can order a certificate of achievement to display your achievement for as little as £3.99 for the PDF version and £7.99 for the paper version or £10 for both. There is an additional £10 delivery charge for international students.

Who is This course for?

  • Individuals keen on understanding the intricacies of child development and behaviour.
  • Parents or guardians are eager to gain deeper insights into their child’s emotional and cognitive journey.
  • Educators, teachers, or tutors want to foster a better classroom environment.
  • Aspiring child psychologists aim to enhance their foundational knowledge.
  • Social workers or caregivers focused on children with special needs or facing developmental challenges.


  • This course is available to all learners of all academic backgrounds.
  • Learners should be aged 16 or over to undertake the course.
  • A strong grasp of English, numeracy, and ICT is necessary for enrollment in this course.

Career Path: 

  • Child Psychologist: £45,000 – £60,000 annually
  • Special Needs Teacher: £25,000 – £40,000 annually
  • Speech and Language Therapist: £30,000 – £48,000 annually
  • Child Welfare Consultant: £28,000 – £42,000 annually
  • Educational Psychologist: £35,000 – £52,000 annually
  • Child Development Researcher: £27,000 – £50,000 annually

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Basics of Child Psychology
What is Child Psychology? 00:20:00
Defining Children and Childhood 00:30:00
Module 02: Child Development Theories
Personality (Psychosocial) Development Theories 00:20:00
Growth & Development Theories 00:15:00
Cognitive (Intellectual) Development Theories 00:30:00
Social Learning Theories 00:30:00
Moral Reasoning Theories 00:30:00
Module 03: Factors That Influence Development
Genetic Influences in Development 00:30:00
Influence of Attachment 00:20:00
Influence of Gender 00:30:00
Nutrition and Child Development 00:45:00
Module 04: Different Types of Child Development
Physical Development 00:20:00
Cognitive Development 00:30:00
Social and Emotional Development 00:30:00
Moral and Ethical Development 00:15:00
Module 05: Communication and Language Development
Promoting Communication Development 00:20:00
The Development of Language 00:10:00
Module 06: Difficulties, Disabilities and Disorders
Difficulties in language development 00:05:00
Learning Disability 00:20:00
Behavioural Disorders 00:10:00
Phases of Grief 00:10:00
Module 07: Caring Children With Special Needs
Caring for Children with Feeding  and Communication Differences 00:10:00
Caring for Children with Mobility Differences 00:05:00
Caring for The Child with Special Social and Emotional Needs 00:10:00
How to Care for Children with Complex Needs? 00:10:00
Module 08: Understanding the Role of a Child Psychologist
High Intelligence & School Psychology 00:05:00
Roles and Responsibilities of an Educational Psychologist 00:05:00
Module 09: Self Esteem & Confidence
Why self-esteem matters and How to Nurture it? 00:05:00
Confidence 00:05:00
Module 10: Child Psychology - Applied
What is ‘Child Psychology’? 00:08:00
The Role of Child Psychologist 00:06:00
Where do Child Psychologists Work 00:07:00
Module 11: Child Psychology - Theoretical Approach
Why do we need to learn theories? 00:08:00
Developmental Theories: What we are born with 00:09:00
Development Environment 00:09:00
Module 12: Environmental & Socio-Cultural and Family & Schooling Factors in Development
‘Attachment’ factor in newborns 00:09:00
Socio-Cultural Factors in Child’s Development 00:08:00
Module 13: Cognitive and Emotional Development
Language & Cognitive Development 00:07:00
Emotions & Feelings 00:06:00
Socialising with others 00:04:00
Thank You and Good Bye! 00:02:00
Module 14: Babies from Birth to One Year
Saving and Exporting in Photoshop CC FREE 00:02:00
HSL and Grayscale in Photoshop CC 00:08:00
Split Toning in Photoshop CC 00:06:00
Lens Corrections in Photoshop CC 00:07:00
Spot and Blemish Removal in Photoshop CC 00:07:00
Module 15: Stages and Sequences of Social and Emotional Development
Targeted Adjustments in Photoshop CC 00:06:00
The Ages and Stages that Children go through 00:12:00
Straighten and Transform Tools in Photoshop CC 00:07:00
Graduated, Radial, Brush Filters in Photoshop CC 00:07:00
Full Landscape Edit in Photoshop CC 00:07:00
Range Masks in Photoshop CC 00:06:00
Module 16: Language and Linguistic Skills Development
Exporting in Lightroom Classic CC 00:05:00
Removing Blemishes With the Heal and Clone Tools in Lightroom Classic CC 00:05:00
Range Masks in Lightroom Classic CC 00:06:00
Intro to Lightroom CC 00:05:00
White Balance and Saturation in Lightroom CC 00:06:00
Additional Resources – Advanced Child Psychology Level 3, 4 and 5 00:00:00